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What our consulting clients say:

Instrument Rental Database
“Milano Music has been in business for over 60 years and is the largest musical instrument store in Arizona. In 1997, we replaced our old DOS-based rental system with a customer FileMaker Pro 3.0 system developed by Jerry Robin. This database has now been running our entire musical instrument rental business for over 16 years. Jerry has made enhancements to the database as we have upgraded versions over the years, and it just keeps getting better.”
Randy Walker, Milano Music, Mesa, Arizona

Auction Database
“Over the past 14 years, I’ve been a data processing volunteer in six auctions held by three organizations.  The systems used to tally the sales and all subsequent reports has ranged from being entirely paper-based (requiring about 15 volunteers), to a blend of paper and software, to total automation. Jerry Robin's system was a stunning improvement over any system I’ve encountered. Using his auction database in FileMaker,
I managed all the data at our auction by myself.  And it went off without a hitch.  
In the past, the paper-based accounting took about 30 minutes of scrambling, sorting, and adding just to get to the point of checking out the first bidder. Using Jerry’s database was a joy.  It managed all the data for the entire event. Checkout took about 20 seconds per customer. Bidders were stunned at the efficiency of this system.
Using this software changed our attitude about planning and holding an Auction. Through its ease of use, accuracy and efficiency, it allowed the evening to be fun.  We’ll have no hesitation repeating this event every year.  Thanks Jerry.”
- Jane Paul, Mountain Vista Unitarian Universalist Congregation, Tucson, Arizona

Client/Provider Database
“My social service agency employs over 200 providers, who service over 300 at-risk children per month. It used to take me three days to do my month-end payroll. After Jerry redesigned my FileMaker database, I can now do my month-end closing in less than an hour.”
- Stan Kempe, Blue Thumb Services, Phoenix, Arizona

Disc Dog Registration & Scoring System
(“Disc” is how we say “Frisbee” without violating any trademarks...)

“I had the opportunity to use the Disc Dog Registration and Scoring System in a recent event I was responsible for and found it to streamline both the registration and scoring process. Instead of having to manually input each competitor's information into an Excel file and manually calculate their scores and running order, the competitor simply entered their registration information into the DDRSS and it was immediately available to our scorekeepers who could then immediately print a randomized running order, full registrations for competitors to sign and competitor scoresheets.
As the event continued throughout the day, we were able to input each team's scores and immediately provide them to our competitors as they were walking off the field, via both the DDRSS Web site and our on-site external monitor.
When our day concluded, we were able to input the last competitor's score into the system and have it available before the team walked off the field allowing us to immediately hand out awards.
It saved us a ton of time and energy throughout our entire day making our event even more efficient and fun for both competitors and hosts.
Jerry Robin is wonderful to work with and was very eager to help us make our event a huge success. I highly recommend the Disc Dog Registration and Scoring System to any club or organization looking for a simpler way to host their events.”
- Lindsay Thompson, MAD Dogs (Mid-Atlantic Disc Dogs)

“We recently held our first competition. We would have been overwhelmed by the response without Jerry's scoring and registration system. We had over 50 human competitors and almost 90 dogs! The online registration system was used in advance and on the morning of the event as well, so even people who registered on-site had all of their forms automatically filled in and printed. We processed – and printed out – registration forms for over 400 individual event registrations.
Thank you Jerry for this program! It was so great to lower my stress level on such an important day! I will definitely be using your program for all future events!”
- Julia Kosobucki, President, Disc Dog Empire , Riverside, California

What people say about training classes from our FMPtraining division:

 "This was one of the best training courses I’ve ever attended."
 - Valerie Jones      Dynamac, Kennedy Space Center, FL
"If my previous knowledge of FileMaker was like a small path through the woods, after taking this course it would be a 4-lane highway."
 - Mike Hinderliter      Steamaway, Fort Worth, TX

 "The class was a pleasant mix of lighthearted comedy and deep, technical information. The concepts I learned in this course will help me build a database with a strong foundation. Thanks!"
 - Rebecca Lynch      Eli Lilly, Indianapolis, IN

"I believe these classes represent the best money I have ever spent on training."
 - David Raines, J.D., Ph.D      Wright State University School of Medicine, Dayton, OH

"This class makes you think like a FileMaker developer. Hands down, the best training value in the FileMaker universe. I entered as a lamb and left as a lion."
  - Adam Fitting      Triumph Brewing, Princeton, NJ

 "Jerry approaches the subject creatively and with a sense of humor: not the textbook drone you commonly find teaching these subjects."

 - Joe Welch      Institute for Study Abroad, Indianapolis, IN

"Excellent class! Best class I ever had on FileMaker. Jerry Robin is fantastic. He keeps it interesting and fun!"
 - Julie Pope      Power-One, Camarillo, CA
"Not only is Jerry an expert with FileMaker, he is a great teacher. He has the ability to monitor and adjust his level of teaching to the capacity of the learner."
 - Rob Bushman      ASSET/KAET Public Television, Phoenix, AZ
"Jerry's mastery of FileMaker Pro allows him to field any question and explain it in terms that a non-programmer can understand. "
 - Tom Jackson     Westinghouse Savannah River Co., Aiken, SC
"Flying all the way from Beijing suffering disorientation, culture shock, intensive database cramming of information and severe jet lag I can safely say at the end of
   eight days of training that it was definitely worth it."
 - Lihsia Kong     International School Beijing, Beijing, China
"Absolutely the best classes that I've taken. The instructor was great in communicating important ideas and points of database design for FileMaker Pro to the students."
 - Y.  Lin      NASA Dryden Flight Research Center, Edwards AFB, CA
"Thanks for the fantastic tips and tricks!  By far the best and most comprehensive training I have attended."
 - Michelle Slabich     Indian Prairie School District, Aurora, IL