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Transmography is a FileMaker Pro development, consulting and training firm that designs and builds customized software solutions for businesses, schools, and non-profit organizations. With over 25 years of experience, we have developed solutions for a wide variety of organizations.  We work with you collaboratively to fully understand your needs, resulting in solutions that enhance the management of your data and streamline your organization's workflow.

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Owner and lead developer Jerry Robin is a FileMaker Certified Developer who has been designing FileMaker databases since 1988. Jerry has taught thousands of people how to become more proficient at FileMaker development – through his hundreds of hands-on classes as chief trainer of FMPtraining, his multiple presentations at the annual FileMaker Developer Conference, and his highly praised FileMaker Pro CD-ROM training series.


(from transmogrify – to change into a different shape; to transform)

1. The art of transforming your business with customized, easy-to-use FileMaker Pro database systems

2. Artistic processes of continual invention and cumulative transformation (William Blake, 1784)

3. The new name for FMPtraining